Genustech Eclipse ND Fader Filter from Genus Reviews

Genustech Eclipse ND Fader Filter from Genus Reviews

The Genustech Eclipse ND Fader has received many reviews  since it’s launch.

Here are a selection of Genus Eclipse reviews 

From Karl Von Moller.

Recently I received a package from Genustech, a manufacturer of camera equipment including filters. They sent me their new “Eclipse ND Fader” to try out. Playing with new gear always […]

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Sirui Testimonials

Cecil Holmes – Cecil Holmes Photography

I am a widely published, self taught outdoor photographer and workshop instructor based in North Alabama.  My passion for nature and fine art drive my quest to capture the moods, characters and spirits of some wonderful and amazing locations.  I think photography says as much about the photographer as it does the photograph, so I strive […]

SIRIU: David Akoubian – Bear Woods Photography

Bear Woods Photography is the photography of David Akoubian. David resides in the mountains of North Georgia with his wife Evelyn and Golden Retriever Bailey.
David has been a photographer since 1972 but his career in photography started in 1992. David learned his craft originally as a painter and from his father. Early in his career he […]

Reportaje a Jordi Verite – REPORT SUR Abril 2016




The Verite Group is an independent distributor of Sirui Products for Latin America.

Verite Group will gladly advice on the best camera support, for photo or video to help you get the most put of your Sirui purchase, as well as to provide customer support and any need for technical support in and out […]

The Sirui Difference

The Sirui Difference

Sirui Tripods

Forged for Greater Strength and Reduced Weight
Instead of using traditional casting methods typical of tripod construction, Sirui is a pioneer in using forging technology in manufacturing. During the forging process, the deformation and recrystallization of metal causes the structure of the metal to be more welded together and compact – greatly increasing […]

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The Best Monopod Ever? Sirui P-204S

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