SIRUI Monopod – Could Just Be The Best To Get

Best Video Monopod Sirui vs Benro vs Manfrotto

World’s Smallest & Lightest Tripod! – Sirui T-025X

Sirui P-204S – The World’s Best Monopod!

Para los fabricantes somos su puerta de entrada a Latinoamérica

Jordi Verite, Presidente de Verité Distributors, cuenta cómo está posicionada la compañía en la región y cuáles son las tendencias en la industria.

¿Cómo se está posicionanda actualmente Verité Distributors?
Llevamos 32 años en la industria. Abrimos nuestras puertas en el año 1984 en Miami. En estos momentos, somos una compañía más ágil. Siempre nos enfocamos en […]

Introducing the new Mini Jib from Genus

Introducing the new Mini Jib from Genus Designed for DSLR, Professional Camera The new Genus Mini Jib has been designed for Genus by James Smith of DSLR Devices in the UK. This revolutionary camera jib arm gives you the freedom to take a camera jib to places you would have only dreamed of doing in […]

Photon Beard: manufacturer of entertainment lighting equipment

Photon Beard Ltd is a leading UK specialist manufacturer of entertainment lighting equipment known worldwide for their strength, reliability and versatility. All Photon Beard products are individually hand-built in our own factory to the highest standards, as you would expect from a company that is proud of its long standing reputation for excellence.

Our products are in […]

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