Genustech Eclipse ND Fader Filter from Genus Reviews


The Genustech Eclipse ND Fader has received many reviews  since it’s launch.

Here are a selection of Genus Eclipse reviews 

From Karl Von Moller.

Recently I received a package from Genustech, a manufacturer of camera equipment including filters. They sent me their new “Eclipse ND Fader” to try out. Playing with new gear always excites me so I set about testing the ND Fader against the original Genustech filter I had bought a few years back

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From Frank Glencairn

Since over 2 years now,  I use the Heliopan Vari-Grau ND Fader religiously. I tried a lot of different brands before and have to send them all back, because they get ether soft on a long lens or had some crazy color shift to it – sometimes both. The Heliopan – though expensive – was the only ND Fader that was holding up to my standards. 

Now GENUSTECH came out with a new version of their Fader ND. It’s called Eclipse and I gave it a test ride.

To my surprise, the Eclipse does not only play in the same league as the Heliopan, in some situations it “outfades” the Heliopan.

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From Dan Chung at

To date one of the biggest issues with many Vari ND filters has been the quality of the image they produce. Some have poor glass which produces colour shifts and softness of the image. This is compounded by the fact that the Vari ND is actually two pieces of glass and not one. This softening of the image is exaggerated when you use longer lenses. Some Vari ND filters I have used in the past were very soft on the long end of a 70-200mm lens..

That is where the new Genustech Eclipse Vari ND comes in. It offers much sharper image quality than previous filters at its price point. I compared it directly to the popular Lightcraft workshop Fader ND mkII and found the Genustech to be significantly sharper.

I also compared the Genustech to the excellent and much more expensive Heliopan Vari ND filter. To my surprise, I found the level of sharpness of the two filters to be much the sam

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From Tyler Banks

Genustech designed this filter to perfection in my eyes. The frame is metal and rotating filter slides smooth while running through the stops. Where the Eclipse Filter shines is within the quality glass they use. This Eclipse Filter that does not hue or soften your images like their competitors. They have dashes on the side ranging from min to max so you can easily dial in and remember what settings you were shooting at.

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